The unique mixture of delight and complexity involved in designing, maintaining this website, and producing photos clearly mirrors the multiple joys and challenges of creating and operating 3H Equestrian Center on a daily basis.  Each requires constant team effort resulting from independent initiatives for the common goal of quality for both equines and clients . 

So, too, has this website been an on-going group accomplishment, and I am humbled by the contributions of all those who participate in the 3H experience day after day, and year after year .   

Consequently, I more than appreciate Kelly McGowan, Isabelle Degremont, Gigi Ansell, Jessica Pierce and Sandi Nargiz for caring enough about this project and 3H Equestrian Center.  Specifically, it is Kelly and Gigi who ingeniously provided a most clever and effective design, collage and banner, complemented by countless, insightful artistic touches from Isabelle.   Not one finished photo would have been possible without the long hours of skilled grooming by Jessica and Kelly.  Sandi, at the heart and helm of this endeavor, has been a constant source of energy, enthusiasm and remarkable patience, smiling encouragement even as she waited endlessly for my ancient computer to process change after change. 

Each of you will always have my unconditional positive regard and gratitude.


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